SZENARIO: A Musical Event

Only real with violin:

The band scenario with front violinist Christoph Broll delivers a symbiosis of own sound and an inspiring live style mix of unforgettable and up-to-date rock pop and soul hits.
Unique, international and unlimited – for real party people!

Always new and fascinating:

When the ensemble scenario sends its audience on a musical journey, the party train picks up speed. If you jump on the Scenario Express, your ticket will be free for at least two hours of dancing, celebrations and pure music.
The motto: Party with imaginative and lively music, which has many cultural roots.

Over all borders scenario plays as successful live formation now for more than two decades.
And as varied as no other.

Message: Live on stage. As simple as that!


    For direct inquiries for booking and management:

    Or give us a call at +49 521 3849 550.